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(News from Japan) Reveals host factors that trigger malaria parasite differentiation

Prof. Masahiro Yamamoto (IFReC Immunoparasitics / Osaka University Micro ...

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(News from Japan) Cross-criteria elimination of malaria, adopted for international cooperation program

From the text of the article: "Enhancing mosquito control, optimizing diagnostic treatment and ...

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Strong control of genetically modified bacteria, malaria-borne mosquitoes = latest research

From the article "We make spider poison by genetic modification ...

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World's first malaria vaccination starts Africa Malawi

From the article First in the world for preventing malaria in infectious diseases ...

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Sysmex malaria measuring instrument launched in Europe in September

Sysmex Corporation (Head Office: Kobe City, Representative Board Meeting ...

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Shiono Yoshi, collaborating with Nagasaki University for malaria drug development

From the article Shionogi Pharmaceutical cooperates with Nagasaki University on the 28th ...

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