Malaria No More
International NGO aiming for
a world without Malaria

History of Malaria No More

Malaria · No More, aiming at "the world without malaria" was established in the United States of America in 2006. We aim to zero malaria and aim for the elimination of malaria in our generation in cooperation with policy makers, private companies, international organizations and others. Malaria No More HP: https: //


Bill Gates, New Yorker Magazine, "Malaria is one of the worst on this planet (Malaria is the worst thing on the planet.)".
President Bush announces "President Malaria Initiative (PMI)" aiming to contribute to malaria in Africa.


With the establishment of PMI malaria · no more was born in the United States. The founder is Rey Chambers of the current United Nations Secretary General General of Malaria and Peter Charnin (founder of Charnin Entertainment and Charnin Group).


Birth of malaria · no more UK in the UK

year 2012
October 26

In response to the request of "establishing a base in Asia", Malaria · No More · Japan is born in Japan.

February 2013

Malaria · No More · Japan is certified as an NPO corporation.

April 25

Projection mapping and video distribution etc. commemorating World Malaria Day.

June 1st

Sponsoring the charity event "Run for Africa" ​​for the 5th African Development Congress (TICAD V). Part of the participation fee for the event was used for mosquito and distribution projects in Senegal.


One Like for One Life campaign deployment. Distribution of mosquito nets 2000 in Tanzania
Fall of 2013 Start of Power of One campaign in Malaria · No More. With the support of Novartis, Allele, etc., we developed an effort to deliver a simple diagnostic kit & antimalarial medicine to a child in Zambia with a donation of 1 dollar. Eventually we delivered the kit to 3 million children.

April 25

Began "Zero Malaria Award" at Malaria · No More · Japan. Also held a charity event "Power of One" jointly with other organizations on the same day.

August 20

"Feel Malaria" video campaign commemorating the world mosquito day is released

2014 ~

Engaged in malaria control in Cameroon. The amount spent on malaria control in the country in three years from 2014 will be 24 million dollars.


Field survey was conducted on the possibility of implementation of Asian project.


Donated a microscope for malaria examination to a local NGO in Indonesia as part of Asia support activities. At the same time, we concluded an agreement with local NGO and AIRULANGA university.


"If you can eradicate malaria, you can say that it is the greatest achievement in human history ([Malaria eradication] would rank as one of humanity's greatest achievements)" by Economist magazine.

April 25

Zero Malaria Prize 2nd announcement winners announcement

June 2015

Malaria · No More · Japan is certified by an accredited NPO corporation and subject to tax deduction such as donation

September 2015

At the United Nations General Assembly President Obama said, "Many children are killed only by being bitten by mosquitoes, this is immoral and unfair, we should act against the question of living or dead "It is a profound injustice. It is literally a matter of life and death, and now the world must act".


At the East Asia Summit held in Kuala Lumpur Prime Minister Mohdi India mentioned the elimination of malaria in India

September 28

Ray Chambers, a fellow of malaria-no-mor, announces "Plan for Achieving Zero Malaria by 2040" with Bill Gates

From September

Started continuous course in Tokyo and Nagasaki at Malaria · No More · Japan

October 2015

International Symposium on Three Major Infectious Diseases Held in Tokyo with Other Organizations

January 2016

President Obama mentions malaria support in the general text address

January 2016

George Osbourne Minister of Finance (then) and Bill Gates in the UK to announce that they will contribute £ 3 billion to counter malaria over the next five years


Developed advertising campaign at Tokyo Metro / Zero Malaria Award Announced the 3rd Prize Winner


Participated in the G7 Ise Shima Summit, supervised the civil society booth, etc., and also issued a statement on the Japanese government's contribution to the global fund just before.


Original Package mosquito nets 2000 Zhang donation to Senegal

October 2016 -

Continuous lecture held in Malaria · No More Japan, Tokyo and Nagasaki


Cocktail receptions in Tokyo "Contribution of private sector toward malaria control" held in Tokyo


Infectious disease control leaders in the world including Bill Gates and Ray Chambers set "End Malaria Council"


Partnership agreement concluded between Asia Pacific Leaders Malaria Alliance (APLMA) and Malaria · No More Japan
* APLMA was launched at the 8 th East Asia Summit in 2013. In 2014, the leaders of the 18 countries, including Japan, agreed to target malaria control in the Asia-Pacific region by 2030, efforts beyond the borders began.

April 25

Zero Malaria 2030 Campaign Initiation / Zero Malaria Award Announcement of the 4th Prize Winner

August 30

We hold a talk session highlighting rakugo themed about mosquitoes and war malaria in Okinawa in the event "World Summer. Summer living with mosquito" praying for world mosquito day.

October 10

Global Fund leading the global health, GAVI and a symposium on the theme of malaria is held in collaboration with GHIT Fund, a new type of public and private healthcare technology investment and development fund, established in 2013 by Japan. ZERO Malaria 2030 Campaign Reception held on the same night.

December 11

Malaria No More Japan Fifth anniversary ceremony dinner was held.

March 18

Performed as a ZERO Malaria 2030 campaign at the 87th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Parasitology Society Katsura sunglasses "Mosquito sumo"

April 18

Malaria No More UK, "Malaria Must Die" campaign started. Distributed message image that Mr. David Beckam was appointed.

April 25

Presentation of the 5th Zero Malaria Award / ZERO Malaria 2030 Campaign Event at Sophia University

Board of Directors

Takahiro Shinyo

Director of Kwansei Gakuin · Professor at Kwansei Gakuin University · Director, United Nations Foreign Relations Center, the same university

Zero Malaria 2030 In order to achieve the goal, let 's realize Japan' s contribution that once experienced overcoming malaria.

Martin Edlund

Malaria No More CEO

In order to achieve the goal of a world without malaria, Japan's continuing efforts to global health is essential.

Shigeyuki Kano

Director, Department of Tropical Medicine and Malaria,​ ​
Research Institute, National Center for Global Health and Medicine

We will strive to contribute to malaria world technology strategy through innovation in Japan.

Ken Shibusawa

Chairman, Commons Asset Management, Inc.

Each person's thoughts will save each person's life.

Masahiro Takagi

Professor Emeritus of Nagasaki University

Even now the life of 430,000 people (the same as our population in Nagasaki City) is lost in malaria every year! I can not forgive this unreasonableness!

Tetsuro Takano

President of ExxonMobil Japan Godo Kaisha

In order to eradicate malaria, we have invested about 16.3 billion yen in the world, and have participated since the establishment of MNMJ.

Miki Nagashima

Representative Employee Nagasima Lol
General SDM Civil Society Network
Executive director

Let's become the leader of zero malaria now!

Ray Nishimoto

Executive Vice President, Sumitomo Chemical Co., Ltd.​ ​​ ​
Executive Director of RBM Partnership to End Malaria​ ​
Global Fund Japan Committee​ ​
Advisory board member

I will show Japan's contribution towards suppression of malaria by SDGs until 2030.

Harada Akira

Malaria No More Japan
Managing Director and Executive Director

Let's bring together the power everyone has for Zero Malaria.

Tatsuo Mizuno

Former Malaria No More Japan
Executive Director and Executive Director

I believe that Japan, Japanese companies, and Japanese are strongly involved in global issues such as malaria control.

Cooperation with Other Organizations

Malaria No More collaborates beyond national and institutional boundaries as well as sectorial boundaries to realize Zero Malaria.

Organization profile

Secretariat Location

Chichibata-ku Kojimachi 3-chome 7 Address 4 Chichibuya Building 8th Floor
(c/o Sales Promotion Institute Co., Ltd.)Google Map


Establishment of group in October 2012
February 2013 Activities started as an NPO corporation
Certified as an approved NPO corporation in June 2015

Representative (President)

Takahiro Shinyo
(Kwansei Gakuin Board Member, Professor at Kwansei Gakuin University, Director of the United Nations Diplomatic General Administration Center at the same university)
He served as Director of the International Cooperation Division of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the United Nations Mission Delegation Ambassador, Germany Ambassador to Germany.

Members of the Board

Martin Edlund
(Malaria No More CEO) / Operation support
Former journalist: The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times

Shigeyuki Kano
(Director, Department of Tropical Medicine and Malaria, Research Institute, National Center for Global Health and Medicine) / Administration support

Ken Shibusawa
(Chairman of Commons Investment Corporation Limited) / Operation support

Masahiro Takagi
(Professor Emeritus, Nagasaki University) / Operation support
Vice President of Nagasaki University (Center), Director of International Collaboration Strategy Division, Nagasaki University,
He was appointed Deputy Director of Nagasaki University Tropical Medical Research Institute.

Tetsuro Takano​ ​
(President of Exxon Mobil Japan Ltd.) / Founder and operation support

Miki Nagashima
(Representative of the joint company Nagashima Laughter / Executive Director, SDGs Civil Society Network)
Currently, promote collaboration with industry, government and academia on the theme of sustainability.

Nishimoto Rei​ ​
(Executive Vice President, Sumitomo Chemical Co., Ltd. ) / Founder and Management Support

Harada Akira​ ​
Executive director of Malaria No More Japan (Malaria No More Japan) and executive director​ ​
Previous​ ​President, Sumitomo Chemical India Ltd.

Mizuno Tatsuo
Former Executive Managing Director and General Manager of Malaria No More Japan


Kunihiko Sugahara
(Certified public accountant)

Purpose of incorporation · Constitution

It is hard to realize the reality in Japan long after being released from the threat of malaria but still about half of the world's population is exposed to the threat of malaria infection and according to the survey of the World Health Organization, There are 650,000 people at that victim. 90% of the sacrifice occurs in sub-Saharan Africa suffering from poverty, many are young children under 5 years old. There is reality that one person in one minute loses life and is sacrificed. Their precious lives are the lives that could be saved if they were able to respond appropriately and eradicating malaria not only saved the lives of children but also reduced the mortality rate but also poverty It leads to departing from the negative spiral of.

Malaria is an infectious disease that can be prevented and treated, it can prevent infection by using mosquito nets and the like that have been subjected to insect reprocessing, and cures by receiving early accurate diagnosis and appropriate treatment at an early stage The possibility increases. In fact, due to aggressive efforts of international organizations such as distribution of mosquito net, diagnostic kit and therapeutic drugs, the world's mortality rate due to malaria has been reduced by about 20% in the decade from 2000, but until eradication Current situation is that further global efforts are needed.

"Malaria No More" is a non-profit organization that has been implementing international efforts since 2006 to eradicate malaria. Headquartered in the United States, has branches in Canada, the UK, and the Netherlands. We agree with that activity and feel strongly that Japan with the experience of malaria occurred and overcome becomes the center of Asia and developing activities to eradicate malaria. In order to achieve the Millennium Development Goals of 2015, Malaria No More Japan (Malaria · No More Japan) aims to create a trend of eradication of malaria worldwide, mainly in Asian countries, and to conduct educational and policy advocacy activities, "Is established.

"Malaria No More Japan" is an event at the 5th African Development Conference (TICAD V) and World Malaria Day (April 25) to be held in Yokohama in June 2013 We will develop and disseminate communication tools to promote campaigns and promote educational activities, and make policy recommendations. Furthermore, by strengthening cooperation with other organizations operating in the Asian region in order to geographically expand overseas educational activities, by vigorously implementing various initiatives and eliminating victims by malaria in Africa and Asia We aim to improve the lives of people in developing countries and contribute to the creation of a more sustainable society.

Sunday October 2012
Malaria No More Japan (Malaria · No More Japan) Director
Takahiro Shinyo

Annual report


activity report

Financial Report (Overview)

income 27,654,763 yen
Donation 19,152,634 yen
Grants received 5,348,628 yen
Business revenue 2,993,420 yen
Other 160,081 yen
Spending 29,819,540 yen
Malaria spread awareness project 25,330,164 yen
Administration fee 4,489,376 yen
Previous term carryover 8,415,410 yen
Next term carryover 6,250,633 yen

Fiscal Year 2017

Financial Report (Overview)

income 38,277,154 yen
Donation 23,926,154 yen
Business revenue ¥ 14,125,104
Other ¥ 225,896
Spending ¥ 42,945,518
Malaria spread awareness project 38,168,483 yen
Administration fee ¥ 4,777,035
Previous term carryover ¥ 13,083,774
Next term carryover 8,415,410 yen

Fiscal Year 2016

Financial Report (Overview)

income 36, 926, 247 yen
Donation 22,905,219 yen
Business revenue ¥ 13,839,011
Other ¥ 182,017
Spending 34,739,643 yen
Malaria spread awareness project ¥ 30,365,948
Administration fee 4,373,695 yen
Previous term carryover ¥ 10,897,170
Next term carryover ¥ 13,083,774

Fiscal Year 2015

Financial Report (Overview)

income ¥ 29,867,298
Donation 23,406,642 yen
Business revenue 6,303,880 yen
Other ¥ 156,776
Spending 29,602,406 yen
Malaria spread awareness project ¥ 25,547,828
Administration fee 4,054,578 yen
Previous term carryover ¥ 10,632,278
Next term carryover ¥ 10,897,170

Fiscal Year 2014

Financial Report (Overview)

income 30, 130,740 yen
Donation ¥ 24,273,551
Business revenue ¥ 5,704,958
Other ¥ 152,231
Spending ¥ 26,616,264
Malaria spread awareness project ¥ 22,461,198
Administration fee 4,155,066 yen
Previous term carryover ¥ 7,117,802
Next term carryover ¥ 10,632,278

Financial Report (Overview)

income 32,051,098 yen
Donation 25,264,000 yen
Business revenue ¥ 6,651,130
Other ¥ 135,968
Spending ¥ 22,925,962
Malaria spread awareness project 17,012,595 yen
Administration fee ¥ 5,913,367
Previous term carryover -2,007,334 yen
Next term carryover ¥ 7,117,802

Financial Report (Overview)

income ¥ 27,961,681
Donation 15,352,000 yen
Business revenue 1,571,120 yen
Other ¥ 10,973
Takeover assuming undertakings 11,027,588 yen
Spending 29,969,015 yen
Dissemination awareness project on malaria ¥ 26,877,723
Administration fee ¥ 3,091,292
Next term carryover -2,007,334 yen