privacy policy

Malaria No More Japan ("MNMJ") (hereinafter referred to as "MNMJ") is information about individuals of many supporters who agree with the activities and cooperate (hereinafter referred to as "personal information"). ), We recognize that proper management is an important social responsibility and believe that it is the basis of MNMJ's business activities.

MNMJ establishes the "privacy policy" on the website here and will manage and manage websites that can be used with confidence.

What is personal information

In this privacy policy, personal information means information that can identify a supporter by name, address, phone number, e-mail address, etc. provided from supporters through a website operated and managed by MNMJ.

About purpose of using personal information

In gathering personal information, we will do it by lawful and appropriate means and notify or announce the purpose of use to supporters. We will not use personal information for purposes other than for purposes notified or announced to supporters except when we obtain consent from supporters or when stipulated by law.

About personal information management

MNMJ will endeavor to secure and improve security for the safety management of supporter's personal information. Regarding the handling of the personal information you provide, we will not strictly control it, provide it in addition to the following, or provide it to a third party unless there is a justifiable reason.

(1) When there is agreement of supporter
(2) We may outsource operations related to the operation of this website or operations related to the use and management of personal information of supporters. In this case, we will supervise and manage the handling of personal information of supporters strictly.
(3) In the case of urgent need for protection of life or human rights or the security of property, etc., or in the case of cooperating with a request based on a law by a judicial body or a public organization such as the police, or in accordance with other laws and regulations. Information may be provided to the support person without notice.

Protection of personal information on link destination

MNMJ may not be held responsible for the handling of personal information on the linked website, although links may be established from this website to other websites.

Changes to this Privacy Policy

MNMJ may change this privacy policy as laws and regulations change.

Contact Information

For inquiries regarding this privacy policy and your personal information, please contact: